Ahhh it’s finally Friday!! Not only did I survive my first week of Insanity Max:30, but I got through my 3-Day Refresh as well – without skipping any workouts and without cheating!! It was really important to me that I stuck to the plan no matter how hard it was… and let me tell you there were some killer headaches this week, along with girl cramps (and massive cravings). Not to mention, well… Shaun T.

Anyway, I FEEL ABSOLUTELY AMAZING NOW! I was able to shed the 5 lbs I had put on from all my mini adventures lately and more importantly I FEEL better. I am more energized, much less bloated, a lot lighter on my toes and to be honest more confident. The 3-Day is great because it lets you shed some extra lbs but I truly love the mindset shift it gives me every time. It makes me want to stick to a healthier diet and certainly makes me appreciate the “treats” that can be so easily incorporated into your everyday diet if you allow it (my weaknesses: carbs, cheese, wine, and cheese)…

I’d love to talk to you if you’re looking for something to kickstart healthier habits in your life. We all definitely need a little kick in the butt sometimes and the 3-Day certainly does the trick 😉

Hope you all have a fab weekend! XOXO

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