Thank goodness it’s hard

Just a week ago tonight, I was fortunate enough to attend an event with the CEO of Beachbody as our keynote speaker. Hearing Carl speak is always an extraordinary experience for me given a very special family relationship we have with the Daikelers. I know how hard he has worked for his success and there’s no denying the passion he has for his business helping others achieve their goals and enjoy healthy, fulfilling lives. He followed his heart, despite the challenges and what other people were saying along the way. I truly believe that it is those challenging moments that differentiate us and define our destiny…

Do you push through the hard things or let them defeat you? Just like working out or training – when your body starts to hurt and tells you it has had enough… do you keep going or give in?

Carl spoke to this last week and it was a much needed reminder — when you find yourself facing a particular challenge, think of it as an opportunity not a burden. That resistance is why you have a job. That work that you don’t do is an opportunity. It’s a simple mindset shift that can change your entire life.


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